Today I decided to push the limits of what my poor out of shape body would do. Forgetting the standard, “Distance and speed…” rules today – I started my clock after getting on the trail instead of the road leading to the trail. It made a big difference. I rode in the 2 miles this morning, then watched as the sun came through, the streets dried up and the wind came in. It was amazing weather for a ride, even with the stiff breezes.

Sneaking out of work at my normal 4:30 time, I took about 15 minutes to get to the lake path, and then started the ride. I was able to top 25 MPH on the front stretch with the wind at my back (and side) but was struggling to hit 15 MPH on the backstretch going into the wind. The end result, I got the heck off the path and headed into the industrial district for a break from the winds.

I was able to keep a steady pace of 25 on most of the side roads, only having to stop when traffic gave me no options. Fortunately, through that area of town, you can loop and loop with right turns only and go block to block without having to stop or slow down.

The end result was a 18.43 mile ride in just under 52:00. This was by far the fastest ride that I’ve had so far, and by the end of it, I could tell I didn’t want to try it again soon. Bur for now, my 21.34 MPH ride will go down as a mission accomplished.

Tomorrow evening – the Centennial Trail… Unless time doesn’t permit. I hate busy days off…


So today was a tough day on the bike with not a lot of spare time to ride, and not much in the way of decent weather to go with it. Instead, I focused on the diet and how to cut a few more calories from the old intake. Then I noticed how well what I was doing was working. I cleared the hurdle I’d been stuck on for a few weeks now, and ready for more to poor off.

Tonight the dinner was wonderful. Ara laid out a great plan, a green chili-beef burger with baked beans and yellow curry rice from the night before. With a bit of portion control, I was able to keep it well under 500 calories!

The end result, down a half pound, even without exercise.

So the weather today started out looking ominous and didn’t get much better. Fortunately, it never got worse, it just looked bad. The morning went smooth with a lovely 5 miles in and around the lake. Riding the morning route is always a bit easier than the afternoon, so I thought I would try and do a bit of extra. The only problem with that is when I wear my rain coat it can get a bit sticky – so I have to watch how far I go and how hard I push with that on. The pace was a bit lighter this morning but it was good.

The afternoon ride was amazing. The weather held and was actually about perfect for what I like. It was overcast, almost no wind and a cool fifty something degrees. The skies looked threatening the entire time, but I was only doing lake laps so I wasn’t too worried. I kept a solid 15.5 MPH clip going around the lake pushing up towards 18 on the back stretch without people and dogs in the way.

On the ride home I was trekking along at 16.5 MPH and enjoying the bumpy roads like never before. I don’t know that the clipless pedals are really making a big difference physically or if I am just feeling cooler not having those giant toe clips and straps on the bike anymore. Either way, I like it…

The diet was frozen again today at 265, but I think it was the pie last night. I know, I was bad, but it was on sale and I wanted a treat. At least I didn’t eat all of it like the cake this weekend. I’m dropping calories quickly each day and the pounds are continuing to come off pretty easy.

I’m getting a lot of help from the wife on the diet front. She’s been doing a great job of finding lower calorie recipes to try out. Tonight was a Yellow Curried Chicken Breast with a Red Christmas Rice. It was an amazing 650 calorie dinner. If dinners keep being that good, and that healthy, I should have no problems dropping the extra 20 pounds before the ride.

Day 38: Back on the Road

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Dieting, Training

It was back to the road today. A great little ride in to work and an extra little trip around town after work. The 2 miles in the morning was a nice start, and then a quick lap before heading in to the office. the 4 mile morning stint went quick and smooth. I kept a great pace of about 14.5 MPH,

The afternoon ride was even better. I headed out from work and wanted to hit a good half hour of riding – hopefully killing off about 7-8 miles. It went better than planned as I had about 40 minutes of riding in and paced out at 14.9 MPH.

The diet is recovering nicely from the weekend and I should be back under my 264 low shortly. I’m hoping to be at 259 by Saturday, but we will see how well that plan comes together by then.

Day 39: Happy Memorial Day

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Don’t read too much into this, but stop reading my page today and go out and visit your friends, family or community service officers and thank them all for being an American. Today is Memorial Day. Back in school, it was an excuse for a day off. Today, after witnessing events like the 9/11 tragedy, the Iraq War, the victory of bringing a small comfort to those that were victims of Osama Bin Laden with the use of our military, I feel a pride about today that I haven’t felt before.

Our service members, the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines – plus many 100’s of other protectors that I can’t name out due to space – protect our freedoms, give their lives and make us safe everyday. The ones that are often forgotten in this celebration, that don’t get a mention at the bar-b-que, and do just as much for us, if not more, are the firefighters, police officers and public servants that lay their lives on the line everyday in the same ways our soldiers do.

So, stop reading now, and go thank them, please. Then have a wonderful holiday!

Day 40: The Big 40…

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Training

Wow, time is flying by… It seemed like just yesterday that I started writing about my 80 day journey to the STP. 80 days seemed like so long to train and prepare. Now, 40 seems like not nearly enough time to build up my endurance, strength and drop my weight.

I didn’t get a ride in today because it was a perfect day with the family. We started out the morning at church. Then we decided to take a trip to Fairhaven in Bellingham to visit the Fairhaven Festival, and the end of the Ski to Sea ride/run/kayak race. The weather was gorgeous, my babies were happy and we had a fabulous time.

We didn’t do much else, but the day was amazing and worth missing the ‘perfect weather’ that we had. It was even more worth while to have spent it up north when we got back to find overcast and drippy again in Monroe. I can’t wait till next weekend, because I am going to try my Centennial Trail ride this weekend. It’s looking more like Sunday for the ride because of our portrait shoot schedule on Saturday, but if the weather is nice on Saturday, maybe I will try and do it Saturday evening.

The weather was nice enough, but honestly we were so busy today that I just didn’t get a chance when I felt like it. I have found that riding is such a fickle thing. Sometimes, I see the 20 minute window where I could sneak out and just go, but I just don’t take advantage of it. Part of this is that I am tired of riding in Monroe. Part of it is the worry of breaking something else on the bike. Last week’s spoke incident is still in the back of my head. I know it was a pot hole, and a freak accident, but still, being without my transportation for a few days would just be terrible.

Maybe tomorrow I will sneak out for a quick ride, or maybe I will just say forget it and enjoy the day. Who knows. On the good front, we had a date night last night and I only gained 1.5 pounds back. That’s remarkable for all the crap that I ate. It should have no problems coming off on Tuesday next week.